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Middle Tennessee Council
3414 Hillsboro Pike
PO Box 150409
Nashville, TN 37215
Phone Number: (615) 383-9724 or 1-800-899-7268
Office Fax Number: (615) 297-9916
Customer Service Fax Number: (615) 383-0788
Nashville Scout Shop Fax Number: (615) 385-1646

Middle Tennessee Council Staff

Western Service Area
Chris Agee Western Field Director 231 chris.agee@scouting.org
Megan Grace Vasquez Cogioba District Executive
Serving Fort Campbell, Houston, Stewart, Montgomery Counties
251 mvasquez@mtcbsa.org
Vacant David Crockett District Executive
Serving Lincoln, Giles, Lawrence, Wayne Counties
281 cagee@mtcbsa.org
Brian Sullivan Duck River District Executive
Serving Lewis, Marshall, Maury, Perry Counties
258 bsullivan@mtcbsa.org
Marah Vogt Highland Rim District Executive
Serving Cheatham, Dickson, Hickman and Humphreys Counties
262 mvogt@mtcbsa.org
Logan McCoy Natchez Trace District Executive
Serving Williamson County
276 lmccoy@mtcbsa.org
Central Service Area
Jeremy Rowland Central Field Director 275 jrowland@mtcbsa.org
Barrett Mohrmann Cherokee District Executive
Serving North Nashville, Hendersonville, Inglewood and Madison
223 bmohrmann@mtcbsa.org
Ian Weir Dan Beard District Executive
Serving Southeast Nashville
230 iweir@mtcbsa.org
Danny Sutherland Exploring/Marketing Director
Serving Davidson and Williamson Counties
254 dsutherland@mtcbsa.org
Kenneth Ray Hermitage District Executive
Serving North East Davidson, Donelson, Hermitage, Mt. Juliet
235 kray@mtcbsa.org
Mark Dunlap James E. West District Director
Serving South West Davidson
259 madunlap@mtcbsa.org
Dwanna Hughes Nashboro Neighborhood District Executive
Serving North, East, and Downtown Nashville
247 dhughes@mtcbsa.org
Eastern Service Area
Ryan Vaden Eastern Field Director 249 rvaden@mtcbsa.org
Mark J. Lytle Black Fox Sr. District Executive
Serving Dekalb, VanBuren, Warren, White Counties
278 mlytle@mtcbsa.org
Phillip Heikkinen Elk River District Executive
Serving Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Moore Counties
248 pheikkinen@mtcbsa.org
Jason Flannery Trail of Tears District Executive
Serving Rutherford, Cannon Counties
243 jflannery@mtcbsa.org
Jeremy Belk Upper Cumberland District Director
Serving Putnam, Jackson, Overton, Clay Counties
274 jbelk@mtcbsa.org
Vacant Walton Trail District Executive
Serving Wilson, Trousdale, Macon, Smith Counties
281 rvaden@mtcbsa.org
Mary Jared Warioto District Executive
Serving Robertson and Sumner Counties
290 mjared@mtcbsa.org
Camping and Program Services
Carl Adkins Director of Support Services 232 cadkins@mtcbsa.org
Ron Turpin High Adventure Director 225 rturpin@mtcbsa.org
Crystal Mayfield Camping Assistant 234 camping@mtcbsa.org
Sherry Lovett Program Assistant 246 slovett@mtcbsa.org
Finance Service
Kevin McMurrian Director of Finance Services 252 kmcmurrian@mtcbsa.org
Keka Majumdar Sr. Development Director 262 kmajumdar@mtcbsa.org
Althea Gee Finance Assistant/Support Staff Supervisor 233 agee@mtcbsa.org
Nhu Nguyen Comptroller 229 nnguyen@mtcbsa.org
Sherry Rakes Accounting Assistant 228 srakes@mtcbsa.org
Vacant Accounting Specialist 239 nnguyen@mtcbsa.org
Danny Sutherland Exploring/Marketing Director 254 dsutherland@mtcbsa.org
Tran Tran Marketing Specialist 236 ttran@mtcbsa.org
Support Staff
Nhu Nguyen Comptroller 229 nnguyen@mtcbsa.org
Joe Priester Scout Shop Manager 266 jpriester@mtcbsa.org
Kevin McKinley Facility Manager 268 kmckinley@mtcbsa.org
Sue Gattis Customer Service 226 sgattis@mtcbsa.org
Tricia Cashon Field Staff Admin/Receptionist 0/221 pcashon@mtcbsa.org
Georgann Wilson Field Staff Admin 253 gwilson@mtcbsa.org
Mekia Wray Field Staff Admin 273 mwray@mtcbsa.org
Kim Wilkerson Registrar 265 kwilkerson@mtcbsa.org
Megan Tolle Assistant Registrar/Eagle Registrar 237 mtolle@mtcbsa.org
Janice Thronebury Scout Shop Employee 263/264
Genna Copen Scout Shop Employee 263/264 vcopen@mtcbsa.org
Executive Staff
Name Title Extension Email Address
Larry Brown Scout Executive 222 lbrown@mtcbsa.org
Vance Lackey Director of Field Service 250 vlackey@mtcbsa.org
Dylan Theg Assistant Director of Field Service 255 dtheg@mtcbsa.org
Donna Vaughn Executive Secretary 224 dvaughn@mtcbsa.org
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