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Middle Tennessee Council
3414 Hillsboro Pike
PO Box 150409
Nashville, TN 37215
Phone Number: (615) 383-9724 or 1-800-899-7268
Office Fax Number: (615) 297-9916
Customer Service Fax Number: (615) 383-0788
Nashville Scout Shop Fax Number: (615) 385-1646

Middle Tennessee Council Staff

Western Service Area
Chris Agee Western Field Director   chris.agee@scouting.org
Clint Beilke Cogioba District Executive
Serving Fort Campbell, Houston, Stewart, Montgomery Counties
Josh Arrowood David Crockett District Executive
Serving Lincoln, Giles, Lawrence, Wayne Counties
Brian Sullivan Duck River District Executive
Serving Lewis, Marshall, Maury, Perry Counties
George A. Reynolds Highland Rim District Executive
Serving Cheatham, Dickson, Hickman and Humphreys Counties
Logan McCoy Natchez Trace District Executive
Serving Williamson County
Central Service Area
Jeremy Rowland Central Field Director 8279 jrowland@mtcbsa.org
Barrett Mohrmann Cherokee District Executive
Serving North Nashville, Hendersonville, Inglewood and Madison
Ian Weir Dan Beard District Executive
Serving Southeast Nashville
Danny Sutherland Exploring/Marketing Director
Serving Davidson and Williamson Counties
8257 dsutherland@mtcbsa.org
Kenneth Ray Hermitage District Executive
Serving North East Davidson, Donelson, Hermitage, Mt. Juliet
John Dreyzehner James E. West District Executive
Serving South West Davidson
Dwanna Hughes Nashboro Neighborhood District Executive
Serving North, East, and Downtown Nashville
Rhyan Preyer STEM Executive
Serving Middle Tennessee Council
Eastern Service Area
Jeremy Belk Eastern Field Director   jbelk@mtcbsa.org
Mark J. Lytle Black Fox Sr. District Executive
Serving Dekalb, VanBuren, Warren, White Counties
Phillip Heikkinen Elk River District Executive
Serving Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Moore Counties
Jason Flannery Trail of Tears District Executive
Serving Rutherford, Cannon Counties
Rob Wright Upper Cumberland District Executive
Serving Putnam, Jackson, Overton, Clay Counties
Thomas J. Preston Walton Trail District Executive
Serving Wilson, Trousdale, Macon, Smith Counties
Mary Jared Warioto District Executive
Serving Robertson and Sumner Counties
Camping and Program Services
Carl Adkins Director of Support Services 8232 cadkins@mtcbsa.org
Ron Turpin High Adventure Director 8225 rturpin@mtcbsa.org
Crystal Mayfield Camping Assistant 8234 camping@mtcbsa.org
Sherry Lovett Program Assistant 8246 slovett@mtcbsa.org
Finance Service
Keka Majumdar Director of Development 8262 kmajumdar@mtcbsa.org
Kevin McMurrian Director of Finance Services 8252 kmcmurrian@mtcbsa.org
Althea Gee Finance Assistant/Support Staff Supervisor 8233 agee@mtcbsa.org
Nhu Nguyen Comptroller 8229 nnguyen@mtcbsa.org
Sherry Rakes Accounting Assistant 8228 srakes@mtcbsa.org
Keesha Rainey Accounting Specialist 8239 krainey@mtcbsa.org
Danny Sutherland Exploring/Marketing Director 8254 dsutherland@mtcbsa.org
Tran Tran Marketing Specialist 8236 ttran@mtcbsa.org
Support Staff
Nhu Nguyen Comptroller 8229 nnguyen@mtcbsa.org
Joe Priester Scout Shop Manager 8266 jpriester@mtcbsa.org
Kevin McKinley Facility Manager 8268 kmckinley@mtcbsa.org
Sue Gattis Customer Service 8226 sgattis@mtcbsa.org
Vacant Field Staff Admin/Receptionist 8221 @mtcbsa.org
Georgann Wilson Field Staff Admin 8253 gwilson@mtcbsa.org
Juanita Wilson Registrar 8265 jwilson@mtcbsa.org
Tricia Cashon Assistant Registrar/Eagle Registrar 8237 pcashon@mtcbsa.org
Janice Thronebury Scout Shop Employee 8263/8264
Genna Copen Scout Shop Employee 8263/8264 vcopen@mtcbsa.org
Executive Staff
Name Title Extension Email Address
Larry Brown Scout Executive 8222 lbrown@mtcbsa.org
Vance Lackey Deputy Scout Executive 8250 vlackey@mtcbsa.org
Dylan Theg Director of Field Service 8255 dtheg@mtcbsa.org
Donna Vaughn Executive Secretary 8224 dvaughn@mtcbsa.org
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