photo of a boy scout.

The Cogioba district serves Houston, Montgomery and Steward Counties and Fort Campbell, KY in the Western Service Area.

District Chairman:
Bill Jones

District Commissioner:
Chrisie Moore

District Executive:
Megan Grace Vasquez

7 Roundtable
14 Commissioner Staff Meeting
20 Catholic Committee Meeting
28 District Committee Meeting
4 Roundtable
11 Commissioner Staff Meeting
17 Catholic Committee Meeting
25 District Committee Meeting

Spring Camporee
Thanks to all of the units that participated in the Aviation Spring Camporee, and to the leaders and volunteers that help put it together. The boys had a blast with the model airplane and Cub mobile contest. I also want to congratulate you on cleaning up after the event; we excelled at leaving no trace behind.

Science Day
Pack 185 held a Science Day to begin work on the NOVA/STEM awards. They explored momentum using balloons on straws, and challenged each other to see whose straw went the farthest. They learned about chemical reactions using baking soda and vinegar, in a bottle on wheels, to see how far the bottle could go. They launched bottle rockets using old soda bottles pumped with air. They learned about chickens at different ages and how to properly handle them.

Camp Cards
What a great job we did this year with camp cards. We had a 60% increase in sales over last year! Thank you to all of the units that participated; hopefully, those who did not will hear of the success that all the units had. Our top selling units were Pack 505 and Troop 516. So great job on promoting Scouting and earning some money for summer camps!

Thursday, July 31 @ 6:30 p.m.
Fall Youth Recruiment Training
First Church of the Nazarene (150 Richview Rd; Clarksville, Tennessee 37043 )
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