David Crockett

photo of a boy scout.

The David Crockett district serves Giles, Lawrence, Lincoln and Wayne Counties in the Western Service Area.

District Chairman:

District Commissioner:
Jake Jones
Phone: (256) 963-5161

District Executive:
Greg Mann
Phone: (615) 332-4363

Where Are Your 5th Grade Webelos?
All 5th grade Webelos should be settling in with their new troops and gearing up for a summer of fun at Boxwell. Troop leaders, please remember each Webelos needs a completed Boy Scout application for proper rank advancement, insurance, and camp registration. Make sure this is done for each boy that crossed over (mark the transfer box on the application).

2015 Spring Recruiting
Spring recruiting is extremely important to our program. Strong units provide the best program for our Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers and Explorers. New members -- along with a strong program -- get more adults involved.

  • Cub Scouts - invite boys (new or former Scouts) to join in exciting summertime activities coming up. Information can be provided regarding April and May pack meetings at Roundtable. Fliers can be prepared to be delivered to school. Invite prospective members to participate in regularly scheduled pack meetings.
  • Boy Scouts - Appoint a troop membership chairman. Target fifth- and sixth-graders and hold a rally featuring a model campsite and interesting activities at a school, church or shopping mall. Utilize high-adventure surveys to obtain contact information for new Boy Scout prospects. Make a personal phone call to parents. Hold a troop open house or an “invite a friend” event.
  • Venturing/Exploring - Schedule a crew open house this spring and invite new members to join. Target 8th grade youth. Provide information regarding the open house. Invite a friend event at Roundtable or contact your district executive. When requested, fliers/posters can be prepared for distribution.

Contact your District Executive for more information.
Contact your District Executive for more information
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