Duck River

photo of a boy scout.

The Duck River district serves Lewis, Marshall, Maury and Perry Counties in the Western Service Area.

District Chairman:
Ed Lancaster

District Commissioner:
Douglas Chapman

District Executive:
Anna Ingram

No Events Planned
7 District Committee Meeting
Commissioner Staff Meeting
7 at 7:00 p.m. Fall Youth Recruitment Training
Farm Bureau (147 Bear Creek Pike, Columbia)
14 Roundtable
11 Commissioner Staff Meeting
District Committee Meeting

Great American Clean Up
The Duck River District came together and did great things for our communities during Great American Clean Up weekend. We had units in Maury, Marshall, and Lewis counties who picked up close to 100 bags of trash, as well as many larger items. We are proud of our scouts taking pride in their communities and spending their Saturday to make things cleaner and helping things look better.

Scouts Put Float in Mule Day Parade
Everyone knows that Columbia loves Mule Day! Well, this year, we decided that the Scouts needed to have their place in the parade. On April 5, 2014, the Duck River District had our first ever float in the parade, and the Scouts walked the parade with Senator Lamar Alexander! This is something that we plan on doing every year, and we already have Scouts planning out our float for next year. We welcome all Scouts to join us in this.

Fishing Day
Fishing Day is something that the Duck River District has come to love! We are blessed enough to have a great location in the Highland Rim District that has been opened up to us for this event. We had several Scouts come out and participate in a fishing tournament! One of the main reasons that we love this event is because it brings out entire families. Once the day started coming to a close, hot dogs were roasted, s’mores were made, and the tents went up! It was a perfect night to camp under the stars.

Thursday, Aug 7 at 7:00 p.m.
Fall Youth Recruitment Training
Farm bureau (147 Bear Creek Pike, Columbia)
Call your District Executive for more information
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