Elk River

photo of a boy scout.

The Elk River District serves Bedford, Coffee, Franklin and Moore Counties in the Eastern Service Area.

District Chairman:
Elaine Posanka
Phone: 931-409-0628

District Commissioner:
Greg Gressel
Phone: 931-969-8005

District Executive:
Phillip Heikkinen
Phone: 931-581-3894

Friends of Scouting
The Elk River District is proud to announce that we met our Friends of Scouting goal! A huge thank you to everyone who helped along the way. We broke new ground in Lynchburg, Manchester and Winchester and have laid the ground work to have a successful 2016 campaign as well. Thank you again to each and every person who helped in any way to ensure our success.

**Youth Protection Policy Change**
As of June 1st 2015 all units that are rechartering, any adult on the roster must have their Youth Protection Training up to date. If the recharter is submitted with an adult who has expired Youth Protection Training, the entire charter will be held up. Youth protection training is available online through myscouting.org and in person. Visit the Elk River training tab to learn about youth protection training opportunities. All adults registered with the unit are required to take Youth Protection Training and the training expires after two years.

“Mission Poppable!” 2015 Elk River Popcorn Sale
It’s popcorn time again in the Elk River! Selling popcorn is a great way to help supplement the unit’s budget allowing your unit to experience even more program during the year. This year’s popcorn selling season will be very exciting with a new fun opportunity. In Elk River, there will be 4 mystery houses with various gift cards for the first scout to stop by knock on their door. A gift card will be in each one of our 4 counties here in the district. The denominations will be $15, $25 or $40! Clues hinting at the location of these houses will be released weekly throughout the popcorn season. More information regarding the mystery houses will be available when the popcorn sale officially begins in August.

Elk River Fishing Derby
On September 26, the Elk River District will host a Bobcat Day and Fishing Derby at Tim’s Ford Marina as a welcome to our new Scouts. In the morning, we will work with Cub Scouts to help them earn the Bobcat rank. The rest of the day will be spent with a friendly competition. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are welcome to attend. We will also need volunteers to assist on the day of the event.

2nd Thursday of the Each Month (6:00-8:00 PM) Roundtable/Youth Protection Training First Christian Church, Tullahoma
Fall Camporee October 2-4th
Fall Cub and Family October 16-18th
Boxwell Reservation
Join Now! Latimer - High Advennture Reservation