Upper Cumberland

photo of a boy scout.

The Upper Cumberland District serves Clay, Jackson, Overton and Putnam Counties in the Eastern Service Area.

District Chairman:
Dr. Charles Womack

District Commissioner:
Dan Fenlon

District Director:
Jeremy Belk

Clay, Jackson, Overton, and Putnam Counties

23 District Committee Meeting
6 Roundtale
OA Meeting
Commissioner Staff Meeting
20 District Committee Meeting
4 Roundtale
OA Meeting
Commissioner Staff Meeting
18 District Committee Meeting

As the year is nearing the end let’s remember to look at our JTE score card. Be sure to enter any and all service hours. As we bring in new recruits be sure to record their advancements. Most new Cubs should have earned their Bobcat by now. You can either fill out the paper and mail it into Council or use the internet advancement. Please make sure that your new leaders are getting the training they need. Youth Protection is mandatory! Upper Cumberland was Silver last year and we are shooting for Gold this year. You can enter your service hours and internet advancement at scouting.org.

Holiday season is upon us and so are your local parades. What kind of float will you be doing this year? Will you be walking the whole way? Whatever you do, remember safety and fun. Think of a way to incorporate your chartering organization into your float. Have your Scouts in their class A uniforms and standing proud. If you are planning on just watching the parade this year, be sure you dress warm and even bring some hot chocolate to warm everyone up. Enjoy the season and Happy Holidays!

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Contact your District Executive for more information
Contact your District Executive for more information
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