Walton Trail

photo of a boy scout.

The Walton Trail District serves Lebanon, Watertown, Smith, Trousdale, and Macon Counties. With 16 Cub Scout Packs, 14 Boy Scout Troops, 4 Venture Crews, 1 Sea Scout Ship, and 3 Exploring Posts we have a program and a unit to fit just about anyone! The Scouts and Scout Leaders in Walton Trail stay very busy year round with lots of outdoor experiences. Come join us!

District Chairman:
Pete Williston

District Commissioner:
Watson Ambruster

District Executive:
Jason Flannery

6 Commissioner Staff Meeting
12 District Committee Meeting
13 OA Meeting
17 Space Derby
31 TTU Merit Badge University
3 Commissioner Staff Meeting
9 District Committee Meeting
Cub Camp Kickoff
10 OA Meeting
21 District Banquet
3 Commissioner Staff Meeting
7 Pinewood Derby
University of Scouting
Cumberland Merit Badge University
9 District Committee Meeting
10 OA Meeting

Space Derby
Heading into the New Year, Cub Scouts will be a little “spaced out” as they compete to win the Space Derby. “Houston” has cleared launches on January 17, 2015, at Sam Houston Elementary school, Pack 435 hosting. Over the holidays, Scouts assemble their rocket kits; designing, painting, and decorating their rockets in anticipation of the race.

Blue and Gold Banquets/District Banquet
February is possibly the busiest month as Scouts and leaders prepare for Scout Sundays (observed the first or second Sunday) at different churches and celebrate Cub Scout advancements at Blue and Gold Banquets. Registered leaders will also celebrate their achievements at the District Banquet to be held at 6:00 PM, February 21 at Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Lebanon. Pack 148 is hosting.

Pinewood Derby
With the arrival of spring, Cub Scouts renew their hopes that from their little block of pinewood, they will hone the fastest or the best looking car in the District. The computerized racetrack for the Pinewood Derby will be set up at South Side Elementary School, March 7, 2015, where Pack 495 will host, and racing will take place throughout the day. What an exciting event for the entire family!

Please contact Danny Ray,Training Chair, at 594-3921 or relifirefiter@gmail.com if you need any specific training.
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