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The Warioto District serves Robertson and Sumner Counties in Eastern Sevice Area.

District Chairman:
Tim Hale

District Commissioner:
Cindy Ham

District Executive:
Joe Marion

19 Popcorn Kickoff
11 District Committee Meeting
8 District Committee Meeting

Eagle Scout Raises the Bar
Eagle Scout David Marsh, of Troop 459 in White House, continues to raise the bar. A few of his awards include Valedictorian, Homecoming King, Attendee of Tennessee Governor's school, GPA of 4.0, and ACT score of 36 just to name a few. He was just awarded the UT Knoxville Haslam Scholarship, which is a full ride to UT Knoxville. David has done an excellent job of representing Scouting.

Warioto Rocks the Boat
Warioto continues to Rock the Boat with their very own cardboard boat race held at Latimer during the dedication weekend, which was on May 3, 2014. The turnout for this event was great, with over 150 participants and 96% of the Troops from the Warioto district participated. All of the boats, which were constructed of cardboard, floated, which was totally expected. There was one boat which did capsize; however, the crew may have been involved with it overturning. This is still under investigation. At any rate this was to be considered an EPIC event!

Fun and Games
The Cub and Family was a great success this year. The weather was great, lots of food, and Boxwell Reservation is always an adventurous place. Fun and games included BB gun shooting, archery shooting, water balloons, hiking and fishing. Special thanks to Andrew Spiller, who was a big help with this event and a great mentor to the Scouts.

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Contact your District Executive for more information
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