What’s up in Scouting?

photo of a boy scout.With the Middle Tennessee Council, there’s always something exciting going on for your Scout. This page provides an easy place to find out just what’s happening in Middle Tennessee Scouting in the next few months.

For the complete Council Calendar and District Calendar click on the links.

17 Catholic Committee on Scouting
18 Commissioner Cabinet Meeting
Finance Committee Meeting
20 Popcorn Blitz Weekend
22 Camping Committee Meeting
23 Executive Board Meeting
26-28 Wood Badge Weekend #2
Rappelling Certification Weekend
27 Boy Scout Sporting Clays Fun Shoot
1 LDS Relationship Committee Meeting
3-5 Council Jamboree
4 Scouting On The Run
7 BSA Golf Classic
9 Executive Committee Meeting
14-15 Staff Development Conference
15 Catholic Committee On Scouting
16 Activities Committee Meeting
Commissioner Cabinet Meeting
17-19 Rappelling Certification Weekend
21 Training Committee Meeting
23 FOS Leadership Orientation
24 Popcorn Show and Sell Money
Popcorn Take Orders Due
24-26 Fall JROTC
28 Late Popcorn Sale Begins
29 Council Nominating Commitee Meeting
31 Grimes Canoe Base Closes
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