2016 University of Scouting

March 19, 2016

Holy Family Catholic Church

9100 Crockett Road, Brentwood

What is University of Scouting?
The University of Scouting (UoS) is Middle TN Council’s premier one-day supplemental training opportunity for all registered adult Scout leaders. UoS goes beyond Fast Start, Specific and even Advanced Training to impart knowledge & skills on specific topics that help leaders excel in their efforts to deliver the promise of Scouting. The UoS goal is to provide information that is practical, immediately useful and not readily available at the local unit level. To that end, our instructors bring skills and insights to UoS that have been developed through many years of Scouting experience. UoS is also a great opportunity to network with other Scout leaders, make new friends, and share best practices throughout the Council and its Districts. This year, the new Venturing Academy for Venturing Youth only will be co-located with UoS.

What will I do at the University of Scouting?
You will take classes towards earning a Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate Degree in Scout Leadership. Note that you may take any combination of courses from the colleges of Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and/or General Studies to obtain your degree. For each degree level you must complete a total of 6 credit hours.

How do I Register?

Click here for online registration

During online registration, you will select classes organized within periods, corresponding to the starting times of the classes, as itemized in the course listings on the reverse. You will also provide your lunch selection.

What is the Cost?
The cost to attend UoS is $25 through February 13,2016. Some classes may have additional costs based on the topic and materials needed. After February 13, 2016, the registration cost increases to $35.00, except for instructors. All attendees will receive a patch, lunch, and a Certificate with their registration.

How do I volunteer to teach at U of S?
Volunteer instructors are selected by the respective Deans from each College. Instructors receive credit hours for classes taught. Three hours of instruction time are required to earn a Doctorate Degree.

Please address all University of Scouting questions to: Mark Dunlap at 615-305-7597 or madunlap@mtcbsa.org or Cindy Ham at cynthiaham75@yahoo.com or 615-948-4466.

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