2014 Klondike Derby

photo for Venturing Rendezvous

"Strike 4" - February 14-16, 2014

One of our annual highlights at Latimer is the Klondike Derby. Venturers from throughout the Middle Tennessee Council bring their homemade Klondike sleds and knowledge to camp for a weekend of fun and adventure.

The event begins on Saturday morning with an inspection of the sleds to ensure that each team of six participants has followed the rules in preparing their sleds. This is followed by a sled race for starting times. Once the sled team begins the race they travel through the 4.5 mile course, stopping along the way at different towns, where they have to complete a skill learned through Venturing. Saturday’s event ends at Delta Junction, where the participants spend the night making their own camp. As a final event for the day, each team develops their evening meal for competition. As the sun rises on Sunday, the teams depart for additional skills test along the course back to base camp and the final competition. The final event this year was a soap box derby race, complete with pit stops to tie requested knots by the judges.

Winners of this year's Klondike Derby

  • First place: Ship 851 - Pirates
  • Second place: Crew 290 - Coalition
  • Third place: Crew 536 - Olympus
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