Scouting For Food

As Scouts, we know how fortunate we are to have a warm meal every night - whether around the campfire or at the kitchen table. And we know that not everyone is so lucky. That’s the genesis of Scouting for Food, the annual food-collection drive run by Middle Tennessee Council on first week of February each year. Scouting for Food takes place on two consecutive weekends. On the first weekend, Scouts distribute bags and/or door hangers to let their neighbors know about the drive. On the second, Scouts revisit those houses to pick up bags full of canned food, cereal, pasta, peanut butter, juice and other nonperishable items.

Garrett Ladd

February 1, 2020 and February 8, 2020


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Scouting For Food

Flier Distribution Date: February 1, 2020
Food Collection Date: February 8, 2020


  • Register your unit online thru the council website. This allows us to inform Second Harvest partner agencies what donation levels to expect and to order the correct number of patches.

  • Distribute fliers and collect food on specified date.

  • Log your service hours for the Journey to Excellence.


Ideas to help your unit collect more food:

  • Place a food collection box at your school, church or business. Be sure to get permission to do this.

  • Place signs in neighborhood entrances to announce dates of collection.

  • Knock on doors of homeowners that may have forgotten to place food on porch.

  • If your neighborhood has a Facebook page, use it to promote Scouting for Food.

  • Remind everyone that the food collected stays in the county that it was collected at a partner agency of Second Harvest.


FYI: We choose February as our Scouting for Food campaign due to the fact that many groups donate in November and December, but by February the food banks begin to run out of food to assist the needy families. For questions please contact the 2019 Middle Tennessee Council Scouting for Food Co-Chair Joyce Wheaton at


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