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What is a Cubmaster?

The Cubmaster leads the Pack which is made up of all the dens and also plans and organizes the monthly Pack meetings. The Cubmaster is the primary source of information for the group.

HERE is some general information about Cubmasters.

Check out our Cubmaster’s Kit - Click HERE

Have you completed Leader Training?

To become a trained leader, you must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America and meet the requirements for your position. Below is a list of training that you may need to become a trained leader.

All of the training above can be completed in a classroom setting or online at Training available throughout Middle Tennessee Council can be found HERE.

Cubmaster's Guide to the First 8 Weeks of Scouting

Thank you for agreeing to be the Cubmaster. We have 8 weeks of items you can do to get your time as Cubmaster off the ground.

Week 1

  • Create a My.Scouting account and take Youth Protection Training.

  • Contact all den leaders to confirm date and location of all den meetings.

  • Contact all den leaders about selling popcorn.

  • Conduct leaders’ meeting to get acquainted and to plan first pack meeting and answer any questions.

  • Assign parts of pack meeting to dens and provide materials on what to do at the pack meeting.

  • Plan next 3 months of pack meetings and pack activities.

  • Encourage all leaders to take on-line trainings.

  • Inform leaders of upcoming leader training sessions and invite them to attend roundtable meetings.

Week 2

  • Contact pack Committee Chair to make sure that all committee members understand their role.

  • Follow up with den leaders to see how first den meeting went and answer any questions.

  • Follow up with any new Cubs who did not attend a den meeting.

  • Plan on attending the District/Council Cub Scout Event.

  • Conduct an exciting Popcorn Kickoff.

Week 3

  • Talk with each Den Leader about their den meetings. Discuss any concerns and answer any questions.

  • Ask if the den leaders need any materials for their den meeting or the pack meeting.

  • Ensure that each den has turned in the Cub rank advancements to the pack Advancement Chair, so that awards may be acquired.

Week 4 – Pack Meeting Week

  • Follow-up with Den Leader on how the popcorn sale is going.

  • Confirm attendance from each den.

  • Prepare an exciting recognition ceremony for the Scouts’ accomplishments over the summer.

  • Share the pack’s plans on attending the District/Council Cub Scout Event.

Week 5

  • Conduct leaders’ meeting to plan next pack meeting.

  • Assign dens part of the upcoming pack meeting. Follow up on any needs from the dens.

  • Follow up on Scouts who have not been attending den meetings.

Week 6

  • Communicate with den leaders on the progress of the Scouts on their advancement and their popcorn sale.

  • Make sure that the den leaders understand the Bobcat rank requirements and those they need to turn in to the pack Advancement Chair during week 7.

Week 7

  • Plan and prepare for Bobcat Ceremony that will be held at the next pack meeting.

  • Ensure all new Scouts have completed the Bobcat rank.

  • Make sure that the ceremony will be memorable for the Scouts and parents.

Week 8 – Pack Meeting Week

  • Conduct the second pack meeting after sign up.

  • Conduct an impressive Bobcat Ceremony.

  • Communicate how to turn in popcorn orders.

  • Remind parents of popcorn order turn in date.

  • Has your Pack attended a District/Council Cub Scout Event?

Planning Pack Meetings

Here are a few thoughts to consider around these new pack meeting plans. First, there is a plan for each month that corresponds with a point of the Scout Law. In addition, each plan has a theme to help make the pack meeting even more fun! The plans do not have to be used in a specific order, but some do have reminders to include activities from the required adventures to help the Scouts earn their rank.

Click HERE to view the plans

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