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Scouting For Food

As Scouts, we know how fortunate we are to have a warm meal every night - whether around the campfire or at the kitchen table. And we know that not everyone is so lucky. That’s the genesis of Scouting for Food, the annual food-collection drive run by Middle Tennessee Council on first week of February each year. Scouting for Food takes place on two consecutive weekends. On the first weekend, Scouts distribute bags and/or door hangers to let their neighbors know about the drive. On the second, Scouts revisit those houses to pick up bags full of canned food, cereal, pasta, peanut butter, juice and other nonperishable items.

Feb 3, 2024 - Bag distribution Day
Feb 10, 2024 - Food Collection Day


Scotty Harrell


Staff Advisor:


Leaders of Middle Tennessee:

The Middle Tennessee Council of the Boy Scouts of America is excited to coordinate another Council- wide food collection drive on February 10, 2024. Collected materials will benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank and local agencies across the Middle Tennessee area.

The 2024 Scouting for Food campaign will collect non- perishable food items. Units need to print promotional materials. 

Units can coordinate collection areas with other participating units at their  District Roundtables.

Units are encouraged to place promotional door hangers at least a week prior to the collection date on February 10. Then on February 10, Scouts will fan out to collect the donations and bring the donations to agencies located in their counties. If you need help selecting an agency, please email the Scouting for Food Advisor Scotty Harrell at

After the collection, units should count their donations and deliver them to an agency listed on the online registration form. After February 10, you will also need to fill out the “2024 Scouting for Food Summary Survey” that will be emailed out to all registered units, which asks for the number of Scouts, adults, and others participating; the number of items and pounds of food donated; and the final headcount for the number of patches. On March 4th, the numbers from the survey will be counted and patches will be ordered based on the totals, which should arrive in time for April oundtables. If you don’t fill out the survey by March 4th, no patches will be ordered for your unit.

Additionally, please do not forget to log your hours into the Journey to Excellence Service hour reporting website.

Action Item:

Don't forget to print promotional materials. As a Council, we will be able to really make a difference in our community.

Click here to download the Door Hangers.

Click here to view the comon donation locations or you can drop off your donation at participating Middle TN Hardee’s locations between Feb 3-10.

Suggestions of ways your unit can participate:

1. Drive Through

a. Set up in the parking lot with tents and trailers. Allow for drive up and to donate food. Have a Scout standing at the store entrance to explain how to make a food donation.

2. Neighborhood Porch Pick-ups

a. Place promotional door hangers the week prior to the collection date, February 3rd, then on February 10th Scouts will fan out to collect the donations.

3. Chartered Organization Box Placements

a. Place a well decorated box(es) at your units Charter Organization to collect food.

4. Front-Yard Food Drive

a. Instead of Scouts going door to door to collect food donations, this food drive flips the script. Encourage Scouts to have prospective donors to bring canned items directly to their front yards with a tub label food donations.

5. Storefront Donation locations

a. Have Scouts sit at the store front location to promote when customers enter the store and to collect when customers exit the store.

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