Klondike Derby

During the 4th age, King Eldarion Telcontar of Arnor, son of Aragorn and Arwen and High King of the Reunited Kingdom, regular folk traveled the land of Middle Earth by sled due to the extreme cold climate created by the years of volcanic ash blocking the sunlight from reaching Middle Earth. They camped out in all kinds of seasonal weather and needed adequate outdoor survival skills, which they learned from their ancestors of the 3rd Age. Scouting has incorporated this theme into our Klondike Adventure for 2020. The point of the Klondike Adventure is to allow youth to use their Scout skills and not only survive, but thrive in the outdoors while working as a team to push and pull a sled across Latimer Reservation competing against other teams in search of GOLD RINGS and the ultimate prize of having “One Sled to Rule them All”!!! When GOLD RING seekers came up the Gap of Rohan, they were inspected by the Rohan Rohirrim before being allowed entry into Rohan. Those that did not have adequate supplies where turned back for their own safety. So, it should be at the Klondike Adventure. Therefore, the first event will be held at the Gap of Rohan. A thorough safety check of the sled and scouts will take place. For example, any team member wearing inadequate footwear or any sled lacking a brake rope must not be allowed to participate in the Klondike Adventure until they correct the unsafe conditions. There are many more requirements of the sled teams and sleds and they will be detailed in the sections for Sleds and Equipment.

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