Klondike Derby

The Inconceivable Klondike Adventure
Like all great adventures, the Inconceivable Klondike Adventure is made up of several obstacles that are on a trail. Teams can choose their own adventure by choosing their obstacle order and the path taken; however, all teams must complete all the obstacles before they ride off into the sunset. As each Sled Crew reaches the obstacle entrances, they will be greeted by the magistrate. A cheerful and spirited reply will be expected. (Note: it has been noted that some sled teams have been known to bribe the magistrate. Some magistrates may be bribable. Others may have a higher integrity. The magistrate will explain the event or activity to take place within their town and any special rules or requirements of the obstacle. Some obstacles may be timed events, and others may be judged on the degree of completion. All obstacles are judged on teamwork. Adults, Scoutmasters, Crew advisors, Ship Skippers, dads, moms, siblings, pets, etc., are not allowed to escort the teams on the trails.