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Camp Conservation Program

Who: All Scout Units

What: Earn the MTC Camp Conservation Patch

Where: Boxwell, Latimer, Grimes or Parish (Tubb)

When: Year-round; at Ranger discretion.


  • It helps our camps.

  • Service hours for advancement. (Log your hours to gain credit)

  • The outdoor code: “As an American, I will do my best to be clean in my outdoor manners, be careful with fire, be considerate in the outdoors, and be conservation-minded.”



  1. Contact the Camping Department to schedule your reservation.

  2. Contact the appropriate Camp Ranger to discuss your project before arriving.

  3. Print the CCP recognition form; fill it out and bring it with you to camp.

  4. Upon arrival at Camp meet with Ranger to confirm project details.

  5. After completion, return to ranger to verify work done, and get form signed.

  6. Finally, turn in the signed CCP form at the Nashville Scout Shop and purchase all desired patches at that time.

  • The center patch is $1.99 each

  • Service hours rockers are $1.29 each

  • Location rockers are $1.29 each (2 hours minimum work at that location to earn)

  • Initial entry into the patch program will include the 3” round patch, one location rocker, and at least the 2 hour strip, for a total cost of $4.57 + tax.

Camping Department Crystal Mayfield: 615-383-9724

Boxwell Scout Reservation Camp number: 615-444-2692
Ranger Rob Ward, 615-945-1479 Email:

Latimer Reservation Camp number: 615-516-9751
Ron Turpin, 615-516-9751 Email:

Grimes Canoe Base Camp number: 931-589-5150
Ranger Kevin Treadwell, 931-628-1888 Email:

Charles E Parish Reservation “Camp Tubb” Camp number: 931-657-2000
Ranger Rick Moore, 931-657-2000 Email:

Click here to download the CCP form.

updated February 13, 2019

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