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What is College of Commissioner Science?


The College of Commissioner Science is an advanced training program where our council's commissioner staff offers a rich variety of courses designed to help you further develop leadership, communications, management, and Commissioner skills in order to improve your ability to serve youth.

The commissioner college format is modeled after college courses and degrees and usually requires four years to complete all three degrees. This format is used to encourage a continuing education experience for commissioners.

The college borrows terminology from higher education. Session topics become “courses” with course numbers. Courses in the “curriculum” are divided into three program levels:

Bachelor's program: Completion of seven courses of instruction, at least five of the courses at the bachelor’s program level.
Master's program: Completion of seven additional courses of instruction (total of 14), at least seven of the courses at the master’s program level.
Doctor's program: Completion of 10 additional courses of instruction not used to qualify for other college awards (total of 24), at least five of the courses at the doctor’s program level and completion of a thesis or project on any topic of value to Scouting in the local council.

Awards are called degrees:

Bachelor of Commissioner Science
Bachelor of Commissioner Science – Roundtable
Master of Commissioner Science
Doctor of Commissioner Science

Continuing Education in Commissioner Science

A diploma is awarded to each participant who completes the degree requirements. Assuming the normal progression, the bachelor of commissioner science is awarded the first year, the master of commissioner science the second year, and the third year a student prepares to write a thesis and participates at the college as an instructor. The fourth year the doctor of commissioner science is awarded upon acceptance of the thesis and completion of 24 courses.

Degree Requirements and Reciprocity Guide
Thesis Submission Guidelines
Doctorate of Commissioner Science Knot Award Guide

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