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A dynamic feature of today's society is the need for learning as a lifetime activity. As commissioners, we must continually adjust our skills to provide a more valuable service to our units. Commissioners should therefore view learning as an important part of their entire Scouting lives. For all commissioners, training is a continuing process - every month, every year.

Review the following with your District Commissioner and council field staff:


1.Unit Commissioner Online Fast Start Training 
This new online fast start training is an orientation designed for all commissioners to learn about the job responsibilities for a unit commissioner. This ‘fast start’ training is designed to be taken by all commissioners within the first few weeks of agreeing to be a commissioner. Other training opportunities will be provided by the Council and District to support your job as a commissioner. Fast start is only the introduction of your new position in Scouting. You should also take other training courses listed in the Commissioner Fieldbook, working directly with your District and Council commissioners.

Unit Commissioner Fast Start is available through the BSA Online Learning Center.

2. Orientation Video/DVD
Shortly after being recruited, have each new commissioner view the video, The Unit Commissioner’s Orientation—Helping units Succeed. This video is part of a DVD, “Commissioner Service and District Operation Support”. Also set a date for a personal orientation session with your District Commissioner or Assistant District Commissioner.

3. Personal Coaching / Orientation
Within two weeks, new commissioners should have an orientation session with their District Commissioner or Assistant District Commissioner, discuss the video, and then cover the orientation projects listed in the Commissioner Fieldbook.

District Commissioner Orientation is usually conducted by the Council Commissioner and Assistant Council Commissioner for Training.

4. Commissioner Basic Training
Within two months, a new person should have basic training. This will be conducted by your District Commissioner. After completion of basic training, the Trained Leader Emblem may be worn on the uniform.

Note: The Trained Leader Emblem may be worn only in connection with the emblem of office for which basic training has been completed.

5. Continuing Education
This includes a variety of learning experiences to provide added knowledge and current information useful to commissioners. It includes a short training topic at every monthly District and Council Commissioner meeting. Select topics are based on current learning needs.

6. College of Commissioner Science 
The "College of Commissioner Science" is modeled after college courses and degrees. It is an intensive day of commissioner training. See the Commissioner College page of this site for details.

7. Philmont Training Conference 
Summer Philmont conferences provide mountaintop training experiences for you. There are different weeks each summer when commissioner courses are provided at the Philmont Training Center. They are designed for new and experienced commissioners. This is also an opportunity for a commissioner to bring their entire family, since there are programs planned for spouses and children of all ages. A volunteer must have their name submitted to Philmont by the council in order to have an invitation extended. Ask your District Executive about an invitation.

8. E Online Learning Center
There are a variety of other courses available by connecting to in order to access the online learning center. These are designed to provide immediate training to all volunteers in the comfort of their home or office. They can also be accessed at the local library or other locations where computers are available for public use. These courses should not take the place of face-to-face group or one-on-one training, but can serve to give you “fast start” or a refresher course for topics of interest.

9. Other Courses Commissioners Encouraged to Take
Commissioners are encouraged to take Wood Badge and other courses that will help you to provide service to your units.

All commissioners should be encouraged strongly to take the fast start version of the youth protection training online as a part of their training and orientation.

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