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How is Cub Scouting Organized


Chartered Organization
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Lion Coordinator
Assistant Cubmaster
Lion Guide
Tiger Den Leaders
Adult Partners
Cub Scout Den Leaders
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Den Chief
Webelos Den Leaders
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Den Chief

The Den
The Cub Scout pack is divided into several smaller groups called dens. Typically, a den has six to eight youths and meets two or three times a month.  Den meeting activities vary based on the age of youth.  Members of a den usually progress through Scouting together.

The Cub Scout ranks are organized by grade or age, so your children’s den will be part of the rank specific to their grade.  A pack may have more than one den for a rank.  For example, if your pack has 16 first graders, there will be at least two Tiger dens.  Here are the ranks:

  •      Lion Cubs - Kindergarten

  •      Tigers - First grade.  Tigers must have an adult partner who attends all Cub Scout functions with them.

  •      Wolves - Second grade.

  •      Bears - Third grade.

  •      Webelos - Fourth and fifth grades.

Available in select packs, Lion Cubs is a program of the Boy Scouts of America for kindergarten-aged youth. It is a family-oriented program in which a youth and their adult partner participate. The Lion badge is earned by completing five adventures.

When youth first join Cub Scouts, they earn the Bobcat rank.  Then they work to complete seven fun “adventures” to earn his rank badge.  Adventure activities are done at den meetings, at home and on field trips and outings.  At the end of the school year, Cub Scouts graduate and move up to the next rank.  Here is the progression:

  •      Tigers become Wolves.

  •      Wolves become Bears.

  •      Bears become Webelos.

  •      Webelos “cross over” to join a Scouts BSA troop at the end of their two year program.

While den meetings include games, skits and other activities that are fun for the kids, program delivery is the main goal. Youth participate in activities and work on projects that are related to an adventure and that help them learn the skills they need to progress in rank. Youth also prepare to do their part in the monthly pack meeting.

The Pack 
All of the dens together make up the pack.  Typically, packs meet monthly.  These pack meetings bring together youth from every den, their leaders, and their families for a large-scale event that showcases all that the kids have learned and done in their individual den meetings. Such a gathering gives the kids a larger experience beyond their own den. It also helps them see how their individual activities fit into the bigger Cub Scout program.

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