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Committee Chair

So you are a new Pack Committee Chairman. Congratulations! If you are new to Scouting then or just a new leader you may not know where to turn. Here is a checklist of things that will help you become successful in your new position.

New Leader Training

To become a trained leader, you must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America and meet the requirements for your position. Below is a list of training that you may need to become a trained leader.

  • Youth Protection Training

  • Position Specific Training


All of the training above can be completed in a classroom setting or online at available throughout Middle Tennessee Council can be found here.

Committee Chairman 8 Weeks of Responsibilities

Week 1

  • Create a MyScouting account and take Youth Protection Training.

  • Attend first leaders’ meeting.

  • Make sure unit is signed up to sell popcorn with the council office and a unit popcorn kickoff is scheduled.

  • Assign new committee members to specific committee responsibilities.

  • Encourage pack committee members to take on-line training.

  • Ensure that you have all information for committee members to assist with communications.


Week 2

  • Provide information for parents regarding popcorn, District/Council Cub Scout Event, etc.

  • Contact all committee members to make sure they understand their role with the Cub pack.

  • Communicate with all new and returning parents to explain the role of the pack committee.


Week 3

  • Make sure that all committee members have what they need for the pack meeting.

  • Make sure Advancement Chair records and picks up awards.


Week 4

  • Attend pack meeting.

  • Greet all parents and their Cubs.

  • Make sure that all communication is clear and concise.

  • Follow up with any committee members that were not able to attend pack meeting.

  • Work with Cubmaster to set next leaders’ meeting.


Week 5

  • Attend leaders’ meeting.

  • Ensure that all committee members understand their roles so that den leaders can focus on their den meetings.

  • Follow up after leaders’ meeting to make sure committee members have what they need for the upcoming month.


Week 6

  • Send communication out to entire pack about upcoming activities.

  • Make sure the committee has an impressive Bobcat ceremony planned for the upcoming pack meeting.


Week 7

  • Follow up with committee members to ensure that they have communicated with den leaders.

  • Make sure that all advancements have been collected and the Advancement Chairman understands how important it is to get awards correct.


Week 8

  • Arrive early at pack meeting to make sure that the advancement ceremony will be impressive and memorable.

  • Make sure that all pack communications to parents are clear and concise.


What is Roundtable?
The mission of the Scout roundtable is to provide quality resources, knowledge, and skills to unit leaders to enable and motivate them to deliver an outstanding program. 

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