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Funding Fun, Adventure and Futures

A significant Portion of your child's Scouting related expenses can be financed by participating in the annual Popcorn and Camp Card sales.  Truly, it helps build character in your child as well!

  • Youth learn teamwork, goal-setting, and confidence building.

  • Your pack adventures will multiply

  • Scouts will be able to do more

Your Child's Participation in Popcorn Sales Helps on 3 levels.

  • Earns up to 37% commission on sales that helps the unit pay for Scout activities.

  • Builds leadership and sales skills in your child.

  • Your child can earn .............???????

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Sell Scout Cards

The Scout Card is an initiative designed to help Scouts earn their way to a summer camping program, as well as to provide funding for other Scout needs.  Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($2.50) on each $5.00 Scout Card they sell!

This spring event is perfect timing as youth prepare for the summer camping season!

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