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#HomeScouting  Toolkit

Tier 1


This is the recommended option for units in the Middle Tennessee Council during the social distancing guidelines. We know it is important for Scout units to continue meeting and allowing youth to grow in our program even during this COVID-19 pandemic timeframe. There are several options to virtually meet online, but we are going to focus on Zoom. From speaking to several leaders already facilitating meetings online, Zoom seems to be one of the most cost effective and reliable options. Below you will find several tips and an online tutorial of how your units can start meeting again virtually.

Please take a moment to read through or watch the following linked videos and instructions on how to operate Zoom BEFORE you attempt. Watch the videos, and after the video is finished, follow the written instructions. 


Create an Account:

● Go to ​

● Email confirmation will be sent to finalize signup process. Follow instructions. Click here​ to learn more about Zoom and to see the basics.


Download Zoom App (the app is the most reliable way to conduct zoom meetings)

Zoom desktop client (Windows or Mac)

Click here​​ to learn more about Zoom and to see the basics of operation.


Video Tutorials on YouTube: 

How to Schedule a Meeting

How to Join a Meeting  

Learn Meeting Controls

Den/Patrol Break Out Rooms on Zoom

Optional: Screen Sharing

Advanced: Multiple Screen Sharing

Tier 2


If conducting your Scout meetings cannot be done through an online video conferencing platform, then the next recommendation to keep your Scout unit meeting is to utilize Facebook Live. A simple tutorial can be viewed by clicking here.

This option does not allow Scouts to see their fellow unit members but will allow leaders to conduct a meeting and give Scouts the opportunity to continue to advance during this time.


Tier 3


If it is not possible for your Scout unit to meet using one of these two options, then we still encourage you to communicate with your unit and give weekly tasks that everyone can do as a family at home. There are several options listed on our website at,

Here you will find 30 Day challenges, adventures, and merit badges that call all be done from the safety of a Scouts home as a family.


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