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Tennessee Scout Special License Plate

Designed to be finalized and approved by the State of Tennessee. Design may change!!



With your order of $45 you will receive the Tennessee specialty license plate along with the commemorative CSP with the matching plate number.


We must have 1,000 plates purchased before March 30, 2024, or the State of Tennessee will not allow the plates to be made. Once we secure at least 1,000 purchased plates, it will take at least six months for the making of plates and for pick up. It is estimated the plates will be available on or around January 1, 2025.


NOTE: ALL TENNESSEE RESIDENTS OF ALL TENNESSEE COUNTIES CAN ORDER THE Boy Scouts of America Tennessee Specialty license plate. The Boy Scouts of America Tennessee specialty license plate funds will be distributed to the Middle Tennessee Council then distribute to each of the six councils. The money received from sales in the counties within the respective council.

  • Annual Plate Fee: $35.00,

  • Matching Patch Fee: $5.00

  • S/H of patch and CC Fee: $5.00

  • Total Fee of $45.00

Each Boy Scouts of America Tennessee specialty license plate must be paid for by March 31, 2024, by clicking on the PURCHASE HERE button below.

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