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Middle Tennessee Council is seeking nominations to be considered for “Scout of the Year”. Please use the form  below to nominate a Scout that has  demonstrated exceptional Scout spirit, leadership, heroism, community service or citizenship, either in his/her Scout unit or  personal life. We will select one Cub Scout, one Scouts BSA, one Venturing Youth, one STEM Scout and one Sea Scout/Explorer to represent the
council. Each youth must be registered in a pack, troop, crew, ship or post within the Middle Tennessee Council at the time of nomination. 

Click here to download a form to nominate a Scout that has demonstrated exceptional Scout spirit, leadership, heroism, community service or citizenship, either in his/her Scout unit or personal life.

2022 Scouts of the Year

Wyatt Hensley square.jpg

Wyatt Hensley, Webelos, Pack 358

With a very generous spirit, Wyatt gave up his entire summer vacation to work in his church’s food ministry. He spent full days packing up bags to give away. He also learned how to use a pallet jack and always had a smile on his face. When Wyatt’s mother asked him why he was willing to do this work during his vacation he replied, “I am not doing this for me, I am doing this for my heavenly father, Jesus Christ.” Wyatt has certainly taken to heart that a Scout is Reverent.

MatthewPyle Square.jpg

Matthew Pyle, Second Class, Troop 593

Within a three-month period, Matthew used skills learned in Scouting to help after a tornado hit his neighborhood and help save a life after witnessing a horrible car accident. When an EF3 tornado struck Dickson, Matthew and his father used chainsaws and a tractor to clear the area in the early morning hours for emergency vehicle to pass. In another heroic effort, Matthew witnessed a speeding car lose control and flip over, causing the door to close on the passenger’s neck. Matthew and his father were able to respond quickly, pull the car back with their tractor and perform first aid until emergency responders arrived. His quick action in alerting his father and using first aid skills helped to save the man’s life.

David Olakunle square.jpg

David Olakunle, First Class, Troop 621

David is an exemplary student, athlete, citizen and Scout. His technical skills have set him apart and assisted both his neighborhood and his church. David was the designer of a neighborhood application that helps development relationships, allows neighbors to communicate in case of emergency and collects security video that is all kept on one dashboard. The platform won a Youth App Design Award. David has assisted his church with their Facebook page and overseeing the live stream services. His Troop benefits from his leadership in serving as troop historian. David enjoys helping younger members of the Troop and is friendly and respectful to everyone he knows.

JackJones square.jpg

Jack Jones, Life Scout, Troop 137

Jack’s courage in a frightening situation saved a friend’s life. During recess at Page Middle School one of Jack’s friends was playing with a water bottle when the cap popped off and became lodged in his throat. Their teacher was called and she started to perform the Heimlich maneuver. Jack stepped in and said that he was trained in first aid and asked if he could help. He positioned himself behind the other student and was able to move the cap enough for the student to breathe before he was taken to the hospital. Jack stepped in during an emergency because he knew he had something to offer. Because of that decision he saved his friend’s life.

Hannah Neal Square.jpg

Hannah Neal, Life Scout, Venturing Crew 357, Troop 2019, Ship 1919

Hannah is a member of the first female Troop in the Council, has attended Boxwell Summer Camp and mastered the Welding merit badge, hiked the Appalachian Trail, went to Philmont, participated in service projects, and went through the National Youth Leadership Training. She is currently serving as the Venturing Officers Association President and received the Venturing Leadership Award. Hannah was inducted into the Order of the Arrow and has served on the Lodge Executive Council, the OA Summer Camp Representative and is currently Vice Chief of Service. Hannah has been chosen to attend the World Jamboree in South Korea in 2023 and document her experience for an exhibit at the National Scout Museum at Philmont Scout Ranch. Hannah still has a lot ahead of her, including earning the Eagle Rank.

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