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Specific Assistance

Specific Assistance Available for Scouts Registered in the

Middle Tennessee Council 

A Scout is Helpful! For many years the Middle Tennessee Council has provided Specific Assistance as a way to provide Scouting programs to youth and adults who otherwise can’t afford to participate. Funding is provided from sources such as the Friends of Scouting Fundraising Campaign, Popcorn Sale, Camp Card Sale and United Way. We understand asking for assistance can be difficult, but this process has been in place to support families during a time of need. We want everyone to experience the quality program Scouting has to offer.

Specific Assistance is available to provide funding assistance to youth and adult Scouters for:

  • Membership Registration

  • BSA Field Uniform

  • Camping in the Middle Tennessee Council


When completing the request form, it is expected that the family will pay as much as possible.  The requestee’s Unit will be consulted to confirm participation of the youth and/or adult.

To be eligible, a youth or adult’s unit must participate in 2 of the following:

  • Family Friends of Scouting Presentation

  • Popcorn Sale

  • Camp Card Sale


Due to limited funds, Specific Assistance is not available for:

  • National Bases, Philmont, Northern Tier, Sea Base or Summit

  • National or World Jamboree

  • Non-Middle Tennessee Council activities and camp


A request for Specific Assistance may be made by a parent or a unit leader.  The Unit leadership will be notified when specific assistance is approved for membership registration.

Requests are generally approved within 5 business days of receipt at the Middle Tennessee Council Service Center.

Specific Assistance forms are available at the Middle Tennessee Council Service Center, from your local District Executive or by click on the links below.


Simply complete the form and return it to the Middle Tennessee Council office or email your request to


For additional information please contact your District Executive or Deputy Scout Executive,Vance Lackey, at


Middle Tennessee Council

3414 Hillsboro Pike

Nashville, TN 37215

P 615.383.9724



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