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Incident Reporting

IMPORTANT - If An incident has occurred 

1. Take care of the injured/find a safe place.
2. Preserve and document the evidence/take photos if appropriate.
3. Complete an incident report and notify your local council.


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BEFORE - choosing one of the three methods below to report your incident to the Boy Scouts of America, BSA, ask yourself a question: Is my incident I am reporting a Youth Protection incident?


  • Contact the Child Abuse Hotline to report a possible child abuse or neglect by either calling the State of Tennessee at 877-237-0004 or reporting through their secure online site at

  • After reporting the possible child abuse or neglect to the State of Tennessee, please request an incident case # to provide with the report to the BSA.

  • Once this you have obtained the incident case #, please chose one of the three below methods to report the incident to the BSA.

If NO - please chose one of the three below methods to report the incident to the BSA

AFTER  - Report your incident by using one of the three method below

Following the completion of the Incident reporting, please ensure the claimant is provided the Health Insurance Claim Form Click Here.

(Accident and sickness insurance (also known as accident and health insurance) coverage for Scouts and Scouters furnishes medical reimbursement within the policy amounts of death, accident, or sickness. These plans and policies are excess of all other available sources of medical insurance or other healthcare benefits. If there is no additional primary insurance or healthcare plan, these policies generally pay as primary coverage, subject to the plan limits and terms.)

Method 1 - Online Report (the preferred method of reporting)

Method 2 - 24 Hour Helpline 

Call the Scouts First Helpline at 1.844.726.8871 which is a dedicated helpline available to receive reports 24 hours per day.

Method 3 - Submit Documents to MTC

STEP 1: Complete the form appropriate to the nature of your report


STEP 2: Report the incident to the council by email your form to Vance Lackey, Deputy Scout Executive, at

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