The 2021 Middle Tennessee Council’s Scout Card Sale will begin on February 22, 2021, and run through May 28, 2021. This $5.00 camp card will help your Scouts earn their way to camp and the unit will earn 50% commission on every Scout card sold! 

The Council will sell six different Scout cards for 2021 depending on the location of your Scout unit:

  • Nashville - Click here to view 

  • Clarksville - Click here to view

  • Columbia/Lawrenceburg/Pulaski - Click here to view

  • Cookeville/McMinnville - Click here to view

  • Murfreesboro - Click here to view

  • Tullahoma - Click here to view

2021 Scout Card Timeline


  • Scout cards arrive in January 2021 to have. Available for pick up at February roundtables or at the MTC Scout Office.



  • Scout Card Sale will begin February 22, 2021.


March - May

  • Check out any additional cards for units, if available



  • Help secure selling locations for Units by April 1, 2021.



  •  Units are to settle accounts with Scouts. Unit sets their own end date.

  •  MTC Scout Card Sale ends May 28, 2021.



  • All monies due by June 4, 2021 to receive the full 50% commission.

  • Units who submit monies between June 5 and June 19, 2021 will receive $2.00 commission.

  • Payment after June 20, 2021 – no commission; All cards are due.  Settle remaining accounts.

  • Units may pick up incentive for Scouts that sell 175 cards on June 22, 2021.

Click on the links below for more information and forms

Click here to download Unit Scout Card Tracking Sheet - pdf version.
Click here to download Unit Scout Card Tracking Sheet - Excel version.
Click here to download Unit Youth Scout Card Receipt. 

Click here to download Scout Card Prize Sheet 

Click here to download Scout Cards Selling Poster

Click here to download Leaders' Guide (updated 2/4/2021)

Click here to download the Council Unit Scout Card Settlement

 Scout Card Online Sale

How to set up a Scout Card Online Sale for your Scout


Step One: Create Account

  1. On your smart phone, go to your browser and type this URL address in: now.run

  2. Enter your Scout’s birthdate, Scouts First Name and First Initial of last name.

  3. Enter Parents email address and a create a password

  4. For Organization name type “Middle Tennessee Council

  5. Please select the group “Unit Type and Number” from Drop Down Menu

  6. Click Join


Step Two: Follow the step-by-step Share Wizard

  1. Upload your Scouts photo (headshot) to be used on website

  2. Enter the Scouts Mom, Dad and / or Guardian email address(s)


*You are able skip steps 3 – 6 and go back later complete these steps:

3. If you have your 25 emails copied in your notes or an email, copy all 25 then paste them into the box provided and select “submit”.If you have your 25 emails written down, select “Switch to Single Entry” and enter them one at a time, then select “submit”.

4. Share on Facebook

5. Share on Twitter.

6. Once on the "“Promote via Text” page, Click “SEND TEXT NOW”. This will create a text link you can share with anyone by text.  Repeat this for each cell phone number you brought today.​ 

a.    On the Text page, your Scout is provided a link unique to your Scouts. You can copy and share in emails or text messages. 

Step Three: How parents are to get involved!

  1. Each parent will have received an email letting them know the Scouts total number of emails and texts for this fundraiser and how many have entered today.  It is imperative that the parent share the link in the email and share their Scouts fundraiser on their Social Media as well.