Rechartering Process


Step 1: Log onto


Useful Documents if Needed

Step 2: Communicate with Unit Members

  • Contact all leaders to confirm they are returning

  • Confirm with leaders the youth that are returning

  • Set a date for the collection of fees well before the date for charter turn in

  • Gather Youth or Adult Applications for ANY names not listed on the charter (Applicants completed through removes this step)

    • Verify youth apps have birthdate and the parent has signed

    • Verify adult apps have SS# / YPT / Right side filled out / signed app & CBC

  • Verify all adults have completed Youth Protection Training & have a signed Criminal Background Check Form turned in

Step 3: Communicate with Charter

  •  Set an appointment with the Charter Representative to have them approve the charter & approve any new Adult Applications

    • It is very important to verify they have access to and the above internet rechartering link.

  • Gather $75 charter fee from the organization

Step 4: Final Check

Helpful Tips & Documents