Over the last 4 years, the Middle Tennessee Council popcorn sale has grown by 28%.  We really appreciate your participation, leadership and enthusiasm with the popcorn sale.  We wanted to share some exciting news with you and your unit about the upcoming 2019 Middle Tennessee Council Popcorn Sale.


The Campmasters Popcorn Company has been the Council’s popcorn vendor for the last 3 years.  On the advice of a volunteer committee comprised of board members and popcorn kernels, the Council has decided to switch popcorn vendors moving forward in 2019 and beyond.  The new popcorn vendor will be Trails-End Popcorn Company.  Trails –End is offering new and exciting marketing ideas to help your unit put more funds into your annual Scouting programs.  They have implemented a state-of-the art online platform to help you gauge inventory during your Show & Sell and a phone app to order product online.


To learn more about the 2019 popcorn sale, please consider attending one of the scheduled popcorn orientations.

Info for Trails-End Free Credit Card Reader


Once you register your unit on the Trails-End website (www.trails-end.com)  - Trails End will ship the popcorn kernel:


  • Units who sold between $5,000 and $9,999 earn 1 free square reader.

  • Units who sold between $10,000+ receive 5 free square readers for every $10,000 sold.


Please contact Kevin McMurrian (kmcmurrian@mtcbsa.org) for more information


Please contact Kevin McMurrian, Director of Finance Service, at kmcmurrian@mtcbsa.org or

615-383-9724 for more information. 

Jet Potter Scout Service Center

3414 Hillsboro Pike * Nashville, TN 37215 * (P) 615-383-9724(F) 615-297-9916