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Coffee Table Book


Middle Tennessee Council will be releasing a 100th Anniversary Coffee Table Book at the end of 2021, following a yearlong celebration of its first 100 years of Scouting in Middle Tennessee.


Founded in March of 1920, the Council has offered many opportunities in training young leaders and building the lives of our youth over the past 100 years. While doing so, it has collected numerous historical artifacts, photographs, recognitions, patches, and provided summer camp memories for thousands of youth at its council properties. The Council was formed after WW1, and many of our Scouts have lived and died fighting for the freedom of this nation.


Who are our lost heroes? What did our first Council patch look like? What was the original name of our Council? Many questions will be answered, and facts documented in the Coffee Table Book – A wonderful archival documentation of the first ONE HUNDRED years of the Middle Tennessee Council.


With hardbound cover and 150 glossy pages of pictures and facts, the Coffee Table Book will be a collector’s item for those who have Scouting memories in Middle Tennessee and for generations to come. This historical archive will retail at approximately $75 and will be available for a limited time by pre-order only.

Click here to pre- order the Middle Tennessee Council's 100th Anniversary book. 

If you have any photographs, items of interest or questions. Please email to Tracey Rodenbach at

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